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Health experts providing assessment, diagnosis and psychotherapy to clients in Victoria BC and across British Columbia.

Assessment and Diagnosis

Care management (i.e. care planning)


Family therapy

Addictions counselling

At some point in life, the majority of people will experience a mental health crisis. Most people will experience significant life stressors including things like job loss, relationship difficulties, divorce, and grief and loss. Everyone needs help sometimes, and we are here to help.

Our team also has extensive experience working with Canada’s military, veterans and First Responder services, and we are dedicated to supporting these groups through specialized programs for these populations.


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About Our Health Services

Resilient health is an integrated care management and treatment service for individuals and families struggling with mental health and addictions. The Resilient team is a group of caring, expert clinicians who provide treatment planning, family consultation and clinical services for people from all walks of life. Our model includes comprehensive assessment, and skillful care management, to help clients:

Understand Their Diagnosis

Formulate a clear and doable treatment plan that fits their needs

Navigate personal, professional, and relationship challenges

Comprehensive Assessment Services

Comprehensive assessment of psychological problems, including:

  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder
  • Addictions
  • Personality disorders
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Sexual health problems

Care Planning

  • Care planning and case management, to help individuals find the right resources and supports
  • Self-referral--for clients who seek contact with us directly
  • Provider referral--for health professionals whose clients need help developing a comprehensive care plan with wrap-around support
  • Post-discharge services for people who have recently received inpatient treatment


  • CBT
  • DBT
  • CPT
  • PE
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Cognitive Behavioural Couple Therapy
  • Emotion-focused Couple Therapy

Why Choose Our Clinic

Couple and Sex Therapy

Good couple therapy is hard to find. Couple therapy requires a significantly different and specialized skillset compared to other forms of therapy. Dr. Berry is the former Manager of Operations of the sex and Couple Therapy service at the McGill University Health Centre and has taught and supervised numerous therapists in couple and sex therapy. This treatment requires the therapist to support both partners while remaining objective and impartial in service of the relationship. Sex therapy also requires a highly specialized skillset, and a clinician who is both sensitive to and comfortable with topics that can be difficult to talk about. A good therapist is non-judgmental and helps you to feel safe even when you don’t feel comfortable.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma causes injury. The most commonly used term for this injury is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder although we prefer the term Post Traumatic stress injury because it better captures the fact that like a physical injury, this can happen to anyone, and it can be healed. In many lines of work, such as military, law enforcement and first response services, on the job trauma can lead to occupational stress injury. For those who have experienced trauma in childhood, in personal relationships, through violence or accidents, the same types of symptoms can emerge. People often judge and shame themselves for their post-traumatic stress symptoms or assume that they cannot possibly have PTSI because their trauma was not “bad enough”. In our view, everyone struggling with post-traumatic effects deserves a proper assessment and trauma-specific treatment such as CPT or Prolonged Exposure. People with PTSI often feel they can’t get better, but with the right treatment, you can heal.

Addiction Counselling

People need help to overcome their addictions. Our team has the highest level of experience and expertise with substance addictions like alcohol and drug abuse/dependency and behavioral addictions such as gambling, shopping, eating, sex and porn. We use practical, evidence-based methods to help clients overcome their shame and avoidance, confront addiction and resolve it. We also provide family consultation and therapy to address the family impacts of addictive behavior.

Services for Military and Veterans

Military service members are a unique tribe. Their lived experiences, values and culture require skillful clinicians who understand them. Our clinicians have worked extensively with active military members and service veterans from across the Canadian Armed Forces. We have the highest regard for those who have served and sacrificed and we aim to give back to this community by providing the most specialized and informed clinical service. We provide treatment for Post-Traumatic stress injury, addiction and mood and anxiety disorders that is specialized to those who have served.

Services for First Responders

First responders have a hard job. They deal with difficult and potentially dangerous situations on a daily basis. This work is vital to the function of our society and for many it takes a significant toll. Our experience working with first responders is that while they often struggle to ask for help, they benefit greatly from evidence-based and well informed therapy delivered by a skillful professional. Many first responders experience post traumatic stress injury, burnout, depression and anxiety at some point in their career. Our services are tailored to the lifestyle, values and experiences of these individuals.

Family Services

We are dedicated to supporting families, by providing family consultation and counselling, and helping the family develop a plan to support each person’s mental health needs.
At Resilient, we understand that addiction and mental illness affect the whole family, and that family members often have valuable insight that can help shape a person’s treatment plan. When clients feel it would be useful, we speak to family members, to get useful information, and to provide guidance to help the whole family move forward.

We will help you understand your diagnosis and its challenges, navigate the resources and supports available to you and plan your treatment and access care.