Hayley Guyn

Registered Psychiatric Nurse

Hayley is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse with many years of experience working in the mental health sector of public and private healthcare. Most recently, she worked as a therapist at an in-patient treatment centre for individuals with mood disorders, PTSD, and/ or addictions.

Through the years she has gained insight into the ways that our beliefs and thoughts impact our mood and the way we perceive ourselves, others, and the world. She has also gained an understanding that in order to process and change our emotions, we have to have a safe container in which to do so. With that in mind, she approaches all therapy with her clients with a gentle and authentic manner, always using a trauma-informed lens. Hayley has been trained in several different modalities of evidence-based therapy, including cognitive behavioural therapy, cognitive processing therapy for PTSD, and dialectical behavioural therapy.