Family Therapy

At Resilient Health, we specialize in working with families.  Our team has experience in a wide range of treatment formats, including:

Our team is interdisciplinary, and comprised of psychologists, social workers, and counsellors, we have a diverse understanding of the issues that can affect families, both internally and externally.

We take a family systems approach, which recognizes that, regardless of the size or background of the family, mental health and addiction are family issues, that affects everyone…and everyone can play a part in the ‘solution’ to these issues!

Many families are frustrated, and confused about where to start, as each person tries to determine what is in their control, and what is not.  That’s where we come in—to help the entire family set realistic goals, and get on the same page to the greatest possible degree.   Many families need to work on both communication and boundaries (which go together!), and many individuals within families need to give themselves permission to take care of themselves as individuals, and to take care of their loved ones in a way that is healthy and reasonable.  Often, this involves help with care management. Our goal is to help you, and your loved ones, work on these challenging family issues.