Courtnay McIntyre

Administrator and Functional Health Coach
ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach

Courtnay McIntyre is our Administrator for Resilient Health Inc. and corresponds with clients to help set up appointments, connect with their therapist, and manage the billing. She ensures that Resilient Health’s clients get the most supportive care possible.

Alongside managing the admin tasks at Resilient Health, Courtnay is also a Functional Medicine Health Coach. She became a coach because of her own health journey. As someone who has personally struggled with disordered eating, digestive issues, and other health challenges, she understands how difficult managing your health can be, and how important it is to have the right support.

Courtnay helps her clients overcome food stress and improve digestion by working alongside her clients and their healthcare team. She doesn’t diagnose, recommend or prescribe, but rather she supports her clients in achieving their goals that work for their lifestyle. Together they explore areas such as mindful eating, stress management strategies and the incorporation of a daily meditation practice to live a more active and present life. She also is an avid cook and helps her clients customize their kitchen to reduce stress and discover joy in the kitchen because wellbeing, food and joy are greatly interconnected.

You can reach Courtnay at 250-532-1845 or through email at