Group Trauma Therapy

Cognitive Processing Therapy for Trauma and PTSD

Introduction to Trauma Therapy

In order to resolve post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma therapy is needed. While general counselling, or other forms of therapy may be helpful for other aspects of a client’s life, without an effective form of trauma therapy, PTSD generally doesn’t get resolved. There are several kinds of therapy for trauma, including Cognitive Processing Therapy, Prolonged Exposure, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Trauma. At Resilient Health, we offer trauma therapy individually, and in a group format.  Group trauma therapy keeps costs down, while ensuring a high level of impact. Your therapist and your peers form a supportive group, to help you resolve the distorted beliefs and painful emotions that accompany your posttraumatic stress.

Cognitive Processing Therapy Groups

Our main model for group-based trauma therapy is Cognitive Processing Therapy–a structured, evidence-based treatment model. First, participants meet with a trauma therapist, to assess their needs and determine whether CPT and group therapy are the best options.  For most people with PTSD , this is a great therapy format. However, it is important to confirm the diagnosis first.  While trauma therapy is the needed treatment for individuals with PTSD, it is often NOT the best option for people who don’t have PTSD (though they might have depression, anxiety, or another condition that would be helped by a different form of therapy). After confirming the diagnosis, our team will line you up with a trauma therapy group, which will be led by a trained trauma therapist.  With this group, you will go through a step-by-step treatment process, over 12 sessions.  This structure allows participants to feel secure and supported as they ‘do the work.’  Participants’ symptoms are monitored throughout the process and, for participants who engage actively in the therapy, the process is usually a powerful form of healing!

Sessions are led by Dr. Michael Berry, R. Psych. and Ewan Kirkaldy, RSW, a highly experienced trauma therapist. 

Group Details

Start Date/Time: TBA
# of Sessions: 12 Weekly
# of participants: Maximum of 10
Location: Resilient Health, 3066 Shelbourne St. Suite #245, Victoria, BC

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